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Köket Press


Köket Sandwich Press


Köket was a group project shared between myself and several other classmates. The aim of the project was to work in a group to achieve a house-style for a range of kitchenware products. I was assigned the sandwich press and created a multi-functional press that could open up flatly and act as a grill, as well as interchange plates so when in sandwich press mode, it could also act as a waffle maker, jaffle maker or flat-press.
Attached is a render of our teams work! :)

Mixer 1:                   Jacquelyn Ryles-Smith
Sandwich Press:   Christine Comelli
Juicer:                     Codey Puc
Kettle:                     Louise Burridge
Stick Blender:        Shenal Perera
Blender:                  Matt Robinson
Toaster:                   Christopher Wong
Mixer 2:                   Abhishek Banerjee