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Empties: August 2016

Christine Comelli

Before I started blogging, I never realised how quickly I went through products.. Or maybe it's because I'm being more conscious about using products up so I can make a blog post about it? Anyways, my Empties box at home has filled up once again, so I thought I'd pop this article up with my thoughts on the products that I've used up :) Enjoy!

1) Maybelline: Fit Me! Foundation (Dewy & Smooth)
I didn't mind this foundation - it probably isn't my favourite foundation of all time but it had relatively good coverage and looked quite natural due to its dewy finish :) I wish that it had a pump to make it easier to apply, so I probably wont pick this one up again, but I did still enjoy the look of it.

2) Garnier: Micellar Cleansing Water
I really liked this micellar water, however I did realise that I often gravitate towards make-up wipes for make-up  removal over micellar water as it's just a lot quicker and more convenient, so I'll probably be sticking to my 'Wot Not Make-Up Removing Wipes' for a while.

3) Muk: Deep Muk Shampoo and Conditioner
This shampoo and conditioner is amazing! Mum brought it home after one of her hairdresser visits and the whole family loves it! It makes your hair so shiny and soft and smells amazingggg! We've already got a few back-ups of these in the bathroom!

4) Frank: Original Coffee Scrub
I do really enjoy using coffee scrubs as a body exfoliant, however I did prefer the 'Cleo & Marc Coffee Scrub Bars' (read two posts previous to this) as they were in a firmer bar-like form so you didn't lose so much product when using it. Saying that, I did enjoy Frank Body Scrub for sure but would go for the Cleo & Marc option from now on :)

5) Lush: Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
I got this shower scrub as a gift from Olivia at work when she was moving overseas. I had never tried the Lush Shower Scrubs before and really enjoyed this one! It's a sea-salt body scrub which was bright blue (so it definitely brightened up the shower!) But I found it left my skin feeling nice and soft after using it.

6) Dove: Go Fresh Deodorant (Pomegranate)
I adore Dove deoderant and use it all the time - this one or the cucumber one are my favourites :)

7) Korres: Wile Rose Brightening Mask
I got this little face mask tester tube from Mecca in Melbourne. I love Korres lip balms and shower gels, but the face mask has probably been my least-favourite product that I've tried. It didn't irritate my skin or do anything bad, I have just tried masks that I prefer over this one so probably won't be re-purchasing this.

8) Neutrogena: Deep Clean Pink Grapefruit Foaming Cleanser
I do enjoy the Neutrogena foaming cleansers and usually keep one in the shower so I can cleanse my face when I'm showering at nights (and then pop some toner and moisturiser on once I get out of the shower). My favourite one that I've tried so far though is the Aqua-Cleanse Cleanser.

9) Stila: Smudge Stick (Midnight Blue)
I do love Stila eye products, but since I barely ever line my waterline in dark colours, it took a while for me to get through this and it did dry out before I got to the end of it (not the products fault, mainly mine because I don't use dark liners under my eyes). I only use dark eyeliners if I'm doing a cat-eye flick and I prefer the Stila Stay All Day Felt-Tip Liner for that.

10) Revlon: Colourstay Eyebrow Pencil
My sister got this as a freebie when she purchased some Revlon products from Myer and passed this on to me. I never used eyebrow products before using this and this has totally changed my routine! I love using this! I know it looks a little light for me, but I get scared using darker eyebrow pencils as I don't want it to look too intense. So this pencil works perfectly for me to just fill in all the gaps and make my eyebrows look a little ore even.

11) Korres: Lip Butter (Quince)
I adore this product and have already purchased another (but in the Guava flavour this time) Love love love. That is all :)

12) Korres: Bergamont Pear Showergel
I also adore this product! These two are my absolute favourite Korres products that I've tried so far - their scents are amazing!

13) ColourPop: Lippie Stix (Cookie)
I honestly think that this colour is the perfect nude for me and I think that's why I made it through the whole stick (this image was taken a few months ago hehe). The shape of the packaging made it so easy to pop it into my wallet when I was out during the day and allowed me to top-up so easily. Love this product and for such a low price, I would recommend it to anybody (although the shipping costs an arm and a leg, so maybe make a bulk order with other ColourPop goodies!)

14) Jurlique: Moisture Replenishing Day Cream
Made it through the whole tube of this and have now re-purchased another Jurlique moisturiser (but this time got the Rose Moisture Plus cream). The rose one smells even better but isn't as intense. I've really been enjoying Jurlique products lately :)