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Cleo & Marc: Coconut Body Scrub

Christine Comelli

I've been super into the coffee scrub phase lately and have recently been using Frank Coffee Scrub, which I have absolutely been loving! I thought that nothing could beat Frank, until I tried this! :) The Cleo & Marc coffee scrubs come in a bar-form (as you can see below) which makes it even more convenient to use! The only con about Frank body scrub is that it was hard to focus on scrubbing one area before it had all been washed away by your shower water - but the Cleo & Marc scrub bar makes this so much easier! They will last you one wash and leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturised as well as filling up your shower with a super-good coffee scent! :)
I love that these coffee scrub bars are made out of all-natural exfoliants and moisturisers  and are hand-made here in Melbourne! These have made my initial love for coffee-scrubbing so much easier and I'll definitely be getting my hands on some more of these as my skin has been feeling super soft and hydrated since I used mine just last night! 

If you want to get your hands on some of Cleo & Marc's Coffee Scrubs or find out a little more info, feel free to visit their site here: