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BellaBox Unboxing: June 2016

Christine Comelli

I loved my first BellaBox, so was so excited when the next one arrived at my door-step! :) The theme for June's BellaBox was 'Winter Switch' to help us prepare for the cold months, dry skin, chapped lips and to bring us cooler-toned products after transitioning from the summer warms. 

1) Dermal: Lip Balm
This was one of my favourite products from this month's box! I wasn't expecting too much as the packaging just looks like something plain that you could find at Coles - but I was pleasantly surprised :) it kinda smells like bubble gum and when you pop this on your lips overnight, it works wonders!

2) Colgate: Optic White Toothpaste
I haven't yet tested this product out, but it's a cult favourite that I've seen all over the interweb so I'm excited to try it out! :) Apparently the results are amazing, so I can't wait to see the differences this makes for me!

3) Your Tea: Skin Magic Tea
Apparently Your Tea is an Aussie brand, so I was happy to see that they popped up in BellaBoxes this month :) they use Chinese Medicine principles to achieve wellness, better skin and other great things! I am more of a black-tea gal, but this was a nice change and definitely was a Winter Warmer :)

4) Magnetix: Nail Polish
There's always that one product that I'm not super keen on that comes in the BellaBox and whilst I love nail polishes, I wasn't super excited about this nail polish. I do prefer wearing more vibrantly coloured polishes, even during the winter. The nail polish came with two little magnets which were meant to make patterns on the nails if you held them over each finger for 15 seconds.. but I didn't notice much of a change when following the process. It was okay - if you like dark nail polishes, you'd probably like this, but I wouldn't purchase it because of the 'magnetic effect' unfortunately.

5) Mizon: Tone-Up Mask
The packaging of this was beautiful!! The mask was quite fun to try, but I probably wouldn't get into a routine of wearing cloth masks as I do prefer cream masks much more. It smelt very refreshing and left my skin feeling lovely, but since cream masks are much more convenient, I think I'll be sticking to them for a while.

6) Cetaphil: Cleansing Wipes
I am such a fan of efficient cleansing/toning/moisturising methods and I was such a fan of these Cetaphil cleansing wipes! They make taking off make-up and cleansing the skin so, so easy and I would definitely recommend something like this if you want a quick and easy skin-care routine :)