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Book Review: Life is Questions Range

Christine Comelli

Kikki.K launched their new range 'Life is Questions' this week. Alongside some notepads, notebooks, pens and other stationery goodies, they also released a range of 12 books, all written by different authors in specialised fields of study/work. They have books from cooking and house-organisation to business and photography! Each book is titled a prompt such as 'Want to work smarter and live better?' or 'Want a home you love?' and inside the books are some quotes relating to this prompt, as well as 10 chapters highlighting important tips and information on the topics. One other thing that I love about these books are at the very start of each of them, they get the professionals to describe their morning routines and feel-good habits which were really interesting to read :) I realised a few things: successful people wake up sooo early (most of them wake up at 5am!) and they really take care of themselves - eating healthily and exercising regularly. Anyways, here's a quick low-down on what the four books I read were about! Enjoy! :)

1) Want to Work Smarter and Live Better? Cyril Peupion
Cyril Peupion's book 'Work Smarter: Live Better' is one of the top 10 best-selling business books in Australia and this short book released by Kikki.K is a very succinct edition of the book. Peupion focuses on the importance of efficiency in the workplace and how to get into better routines at work and in life in general. Two of my favourite tips that he voiced were these: 1. To say no, as sometimes saying no will allow you to focus your time and energy on more important things at that moment in time, instead of just hoping to please everybody. And 2. To book in a 'meeting with yourself' each week - by this, he means putting aside a 1-1 and a half hour time slot where you treat it as though you were in a meeting with a client. Turn your phone off, do not have any distractions and use the time to plan, focus on top-priority tasks you have to do and get into a good mind-space to set up the rest of your day or week. I really enjoyed this read and would recommend it for anybody who is either at a full-time job, is trying to juggle uni and a job or even somebody who just wants to live a more efficient and organised life.

2) Want a Home You Love? Anna-Carin McNamara
I picked up this book out of the series as I absolutely adore homeware/interior design and thought this would give me some great ideas for future projects, or would even inspire me to tidy out my bedroom and general space :) Swedish-born Anna-Carin McNamara is an interior designer who runs her own studio store in Sydney. She was one of the first designers to start the Scandinavian interior boom throughout Australia in the late 90's and has worked on a range of projects such as the Kikki.K store interiors as well as a bunch of other stores around the world! McNamara offers 10 tips on de-cluttering, adding movement and warmth to your home, finding interior inspiration and making sustainable design choices to create good energy throughout your home.

3) Want to Get the Job of Your Dreams? Richard Bolles
This and the 'Want to Start a Business' were probably my favourites out of the four books. It was a refreshing read as Bolles is an 88-year-old man who  describes everything in such a beautiful view. His original book 'What Colour is Your Parachute?' has sold over 10 million copies around the world and has been refined and re-published for over 45 years! Bolles rounds up all necessary tips to get you closer to getting your dream job and goes through a range of stages from initially how to look for jobs you'll love or more fittingly, jobs that will suit your strengths and passions. He then moves on to how to approach applying for jobs, communication skills to get yourself out there and what interviewers expect/want to hear when you attend an interview. I found this book incredibly insightful and it was such a joy to read his perspective on the little things in life :) One adorable thing I love about Bolles is his description of his 'morning routine' at the start of the book, as he is a night owl and often gets most of his work done between 11pm-2am and wakes up twice in the morning (once at 9am to enjoy time with his wife, and then goes to sleep and re-wakes at 11am).. it reminded me of a lot of us design-kids! :P

4) Want to Start a Business? Kristina Karlsson
Kristina Karlsson (the creator of Kikki.K) is just my favourite business-woman in the whole world and I admire anything she does! I really wanted to volunteer at the Business Chicks event happening next week where she is doing a speech, but unfortunately am busy on that day *all the sad faces* - but anyways, being able to purchase this made me so, so happy :) and here's what I thought! I know this sound cheesy and everybody wants to be their own boss, but it is one of my life goals to own my own business. And I don't even say this light-heartedly! I really want to own my own little studio/shop space one day.. I think that would just be the most beautiful thing :) I'm not expecting this to happen any time soon.. but one day! :) So anyways, that is the reason I picked up this book and I really enjoyed reading Kristina's tips for starting up a business. A lot of Kristina's tips focused on setting achievable goals, communication, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and finding a routine that works for you! She seems like such an amazing lady and I love everything about Kristina's journey and making Kikki.K into what it is today! :)