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Battle Of: Liquid Lipsticks

Christine Comelli

Nicole (my sister) and I own quite a few liquid lipsticks from a range of different companies and at a range of different price points, so I thought I'd write mini reviews on all of them and let you know what I think of them! :) Below are a range of liquid lipsticks from Stila and Too-Faced to Australis and Revlon!

1) Stila: Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (Colour: Bacca)
This is my absolutely favourite colour and formula out of all of the lipsticks listed! I'm such a sucker for plum/burgundy colours when it comes to night-time lipsticks! This colour is just beautiful and whilst I wear it only when I go out at night, I feel like now that it's coming into Autumn/Winter here in Australia, I could get away with it as an everyday colour. A lot of the Stila Stay All Day products have really surprised me in a great way! This and the Stay All Day Liquid Liner are my absolute favourite make-up products at the moment!

2) Australis: Velourlips (Colour: Par-ee)
My friend Miriam kindly gave me this as she loved this colour so much, she purchased 6 of these when she was interstate :P I'm so glad she shared this product with me because I absolutely love it! The colour is really lovely, but since I have medium skin it sometimes makes it blend in with my skin, so I will normally pop my ColourPop 'Cookie' Lippie Stix over it as it's a slightly darker nude colour - but this then makes it last the whooole day! It's such a lovely satin-velvet formula and it also smells like grape Hubba Bubba which is also very appealing to me :)

3) Sephora Collection: Lustre Matte Lip Colour (Colour: Unknown)
Nicole and I weren't sure how to find out the shade/colour of this liquid lipstick, so if anybody knows how to locate it on Sephora liquid lipsticks, let me know :) I really like this formula! It isn't totally matte, but the colour range in the Sephora Collection are beautiful! This reminds me of a liquid version of Colourpop's Lippie Stix in 'Lumiere' by KathleenLights which I loveeee! :)

4) Revlon: Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour
This is one of Nicole's lip colours and she swears by this! We first heard about the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours through Esteè Lalonde (who is our favourite YouTube vlogger!) and eventually gave in and purchased one from Priceline. It takes a while to set matte, but it feels really nice on the lips and they also have a great colour selection.

5) Too Faced: Melted Liquid Lipstick (Colour: Melted Strawberry)
I loveee Too Faced and I loveee their eyeshadows and I loveee their Melted Lipsticks almost just as much! Whilst the finish isn't matte, the colour is still really pigmented and lovely. I had two colours which were 'Melted Strawberry' and 'Melted Peony', but because I never try lipsticks straight on to my lips in store, the Peony colour was slightly too light for my skin tone, so I gave it to my friend Jacquie who has paler skin and she is loving it! The Melted Strawberry colour though is a beautiful classic red colour and is super wearable. There's just one tiny thing I don't love about this liquid lipstick, which is the applicator - but other than that, I'm all for Too Faced liquid lipsticks!

6) Lush: Fresh Handmade Lip Colour (Colour: Strong)
Sorry, I know I've mentioned this product in a few posts because I absolutely love the orange-red colour :) It is probably the least long-wearing lipstick out of all products mentioned in this article, but it is still great! I love that it's made of all-natural ingredients and I've found that if you want it to last a good 6+ hours, if you pop it over the Velourlips in colour Par-ee, it will last forever without wearing off as it sticks beautifully to the velvet finish of the Velourlips! :)