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Favourites: May 2016

Christine Comelli

Again, another month has come and gone and I'm sitting here on June 1st writing this article and can't believe that we've hit the half-way point in the year. I almost only have one semester of uni left! How crazy! At this point all of our assessments are due and I've been a little bit lazy with preparing future blog posts, but I am staying on top of it :) Here is my roundup of monthly favourites from the month of May - I hope you like it! :) And let me know if there's anything you've enjoyed throughout the past few months that you'd like to share! :)

1) Daniel Sandler: Watercolour Liquid Blush (Colour: Angel)
I initially heard about this blush on Estèe Lalonde's YouTube channel and was so intrigued about these blushes. When ASOS had a beauty sale on and I wanted to purchase a range of Korres products, I realised they also stocked Daniel Sandler products and thought it would be a perfect time to purchase this and test it out! At the start, I was a bit hesitant as I'm not a huge fan of cream blushes (or any other cream products), but I was pleasantly surprised with this. The colour I purchased, called 'Angel' is so earthy and natural, but has a slight shimmer in it. To use this blush you had to shake it so the pigment mixes in with the water base and you can then either dab/pat it on to your cheeks, or use a stippling brush to apply it.

2) Daiso: Face Brush
I swear I always find hidden gems in Daiso! I picked up this brush because I just wanted something that'd be good to apply blush with as I only owned one face brush and this was a cheap alternative (whether or not I thought it was a good brush). When I took this home I was so surprised! This brush is AMAZING! I use it for my blush and highlighter each and every day and the bristles are so, so soft! I have another Maybelline brush that I won in a hamper at a raffle and it looses it's bristles on to my face, whereas this Daiso one does not loose bristles and is super soft and handy! :)

3) AaCute: Celestial Series Necklace (Colour: Pink)
AaCute had such a beautiful store at Markit, and after talking to the designers, I really wanted to support them because they seemed like such lovely people :) Normally I wear much chunkier necklaces but I thought this one was very delicate-looking and pretty, so I picked out this one and they wrapped it up for me in a cute little box and off I went :) I think this is such a stunning, simple piece and they also had a selection of fruity-smelling candles which were so tempting to buy and I think I'll have to check out their online store to pinch a few of them... :)

4) Gorman: Socks (Lots of patterns!)
A range of market stall-holders and easy-to-reach stores are now coming out with cute patterned socks, but something about the Gorman socks always get me! Now that it's winter, I love wearing Gorman socks over my tights and then a pair of boots over the top. These keep my feet nice and warm and they look adorable too, so it's a win-win situation! :)

5) Korres: Bergamot Pear Body Milk
Sorry, I know I did mention this product in my last post, but it's so worth the hype! :) As mentioned previously, it's the same idea as a Body Shop Body Butter, but it's slightly milkier in consistency and smells even more amazing (which I didn't think was possible)! It's so fruity and fresh and the scent lasts on my skin all day!


6) Muji: Coloured Dual-Tip Markers
I have been jotting down so many notes into my planner this past month, and these Muji Dual-Tip markers have been my best friend! They have a thick-end tip and a fine-liner tip which is super handy when on-to-go and I keep the three colour above in my planner zip so they're easy to access. The thick end of the black marker is great for outlining sketches in my studio classes too! :)

7) Kikki.K: Daily Planner Pad
With all of my assessment tasks due throughout the past month (and the upcoming two weeks), I've been using this planner pad continuously. I love that it has a to-do list on the left side and then on the right-hand side it has special blocks for priorities, water-intake and other bits 'n' bobs to stay on top of everything. This is the daily planner pad from the Write Your Tomorrow range.