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Unboxing: BellaBox May 2016

Christine Comelli

So I've seen BellaBox floating around my Facebook and Instagram feed for ages and have always been curious to try it out! A friend at uni told me that as a uni student, you can get your first box for $10, so I thought it was the perfect time to sign up and test it out/show you guys what comes in the BellaBoxes! I love the idea of being sent a monthly box of random products to test out as normally I just listen to reviews on YouTube about products and trust people's word via that. The BellaBox is normally $15 a month and you receive 6-8 samples a month (and sometimes full-sized products!). When you sign up you have to fill out a profile, answering questions about your hair colour, favourite kinds of products (skincare, make-up, hair products etc.) and they will try and alter the box to suit your preferences (sometimes they have products that some subscribers get and other subscribers will receive a different product). Each month there's a theme for the box, and this month the theme was 'Conscious Beauty' which had a focus on all-natural ingredients. I was so excited to receive these and I've tested out most of the products I received, so I'll let you know what I think below! :)

1) Avon: NutraEffects Day/Night Cream
I am yet to try this moisturiser sample out but from the info pack, I found out that this is an oil-free cream to prevent dehydrating effects of the environment. I like the sound of this and think it will come in handy during the windy winter days that are coming up in Melbourne, so I think I'll hold on to it when we get more into the winter weather here in Australia as I think it'll be quite handy.

2) Burt's Bees: Pink Grapefruit Moisturizing Lip Balm
I know my mum has been using Burt's Bees lip balms for years now but I've never tried them out for myself so it was a nice surprise getting this in my BellaBox :) I've been using this for the past week and it's been super hydrating (not to mention the beautiful smell/taste.. not sure if I'm meant to taste it.. but it's nice too haha) and has a lovely grapefruit flavour. The little item information card mentioned that they also sent out some mango flavoured Burt's Bees lip balms too which I'm tempted to try out once this one runs out :) I would repurchase this again for sure once I run out!

3) Karen Murrell: Lipstick (Colour: Sandstorm)
This lipstick smells like cinnamon! Karen Murrell products are all natural and just a few ingredients in this lipstick are: castor oil, avocado, cinnamon and sweet orange. The colour isn't super strong so will be lovely for everyday use (they did send out two other stronger colours, but I got the lightest out of the three shades).

4) John Frieda: Luxurious Volume Shampoo/Conditioner
I am also yet to test these out! At the moment we have this amazing shampoo/conditioner by Muk that mum purchase (I'll pop it in my May favourites next week! :)), but once that's run out, I will definitely give these a go! I've never tried any John Frieda products so am excited to give them a go!

5) CocoSwish: Coconut Oil in Mint Flavour
Firstly, I'm not a huge fan of coconut-flavoured/coconut things in general, (I wish I did so then I could eat bliss balls and healthy slices and all those other healthy recipes which contain coconut oil in them!) but I thought I'd just bite the bullet and give this a go. It's pretty much just coconut oil with mint flavouring in it. It was okay. It's meant to help brighten your teeth. You just pop the coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 5 minutes. I like the idea and I'm sure you'd see results after doing this for a few weeks, but I didn't really notice much and I don't like coconut oil enough to keep testing it out for a few weeks, so I'd have to say I'd probably give this a pass.

6) DermaE: Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask
I have tried this one out and I loved it! :) I'm a big fan of face masks and this one feels like the real 'seen-in-the-movies' mask. It goes on a dark grey colour and as it dries, it turns a light grey colour. This made my skin feel nice and soft and the next day my dry skin started to peel slightly, getting rid of all of the bad stuff. There's a few face masks from Lush that i want to test out, but if I don't find one that I love more than this, I may re-purchase! :)

7) Priceline: $5 DermaE Voucher
Kindly Priceline popped in a $5 voucher for the DermaE products (such as the face mask above) so if we enjoyed it, we can grab a full-sized version. I'll have to decide in the next month if I want to purchase any of their products, but I did really enjoy what I tried out so will definitely consider doing so :)