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What's In My: Uni Pencil Case

Christine Comelli

Hey guys! :) My very first post on this blog ever was my 'What's in my Uni Bag' post and I haven't done anything similar to it in quite a while! So here's is a little sneak peak into my everyday pencil case and what/why I carry it with me. I can't remember what brands all of my stationery is from, but I'll try and state what most of them are if I can remember - enjoy! :)

1) The Basics:
Most of my pens/pencils and markers are categorised in little elastic bands in my pencil case so I'll break up how they're categorised throughout this post. In my 'basics' sections, I keep a range of different grey-lead pencils (H's, B's and HB's) and also some gel ink and ballpoint pens. I enjoy writing in Kikki.K everyday gel ink pens, but I keep some ballpoint pens too as they're more suitable for sketching in :) I love all of the cute colours and patterns that Kikki.K pens come in! (featured above: Kikki.K Cute 2016 Everyday Ballpoint Pen (mint with watermelons) adorable :'))

2) Colour-Coding:
My second section in my pencil case is my 'colour-coding section'. I loveee categorising things with colour! I will use coloured headings for everything and highlight anything and colours just make my life easier :) I keep a range of things in here including my Muji highlighters, my Papermate InkJoy 4-pen, a Staedtler fineliner in mint and a bunch of random gel ink pens.

3) General Stationery:
I like to carry general stationery bits 'n' bobs with me as they always come in handy. I carry a little 15cm ruler which fits perfectly into my pencil case, an eraser, scissors, a sharpener, glue stick and some PaperMate white-out. A little tip I learnt in first-year Product Drawing class was to use either white-out or a white paint marker to add highlights to your Copic marker renders (or to emphasise features if you've gone a bit over-the-top rendering :P).

4) Fineliners:
I carry a range of different-weighted fineliners with me as I use some for small details, some for outlining, some for shadows and everything else :P I use a range of brands from Pilot (which are my favourite thin ones at 0.4mm weight) to Artline (0.5-0.7mm weight) and some Pentel and UniBall thick markers that I found in Tokyu Hands in Japan almost two years ago. The Pentel ones are called 'sign pens' and they work perfectly as thick outline markers for product-design sketches!

5) Copic Markers:
My final categorised section is my Copic marker category. I don't keep too many on me all the time, but these 9 are my all-time favourites that I reach for majority of the time :) I always keep 3 greys with me - I have 'toner greys' and like carrying 3 with me for different gradients of shading. I do the same with oranges and blues so I can have a highlight and shadow colour. The yellow and pink I mainly use for annotations, arrows and highlight background sections. The colours I keep with me everyday (and that are shown above) are:

- T1: Toner Grey No. 1
- T2: Toner Grey No. 3
- T5: Toner Grey No. 5
- Y19: Napoli Yellow
- YR04: Chrome Orange
- YR09: Chinese Orange
- RV17: Deep Magenta
- B32: Pale Blue
- B34: Manganese Blue

6) Sticky Notes:
This probably seems boring to hear about, but I find having sticky notes in my pencil case super handy! I love having it as a go-to place for jotting ideas, thoughts, quotes by classmates or tutors or even as easy-access to write notes when I'm on the phone and can then transfer it neatly into my planner. Love, love, love having these in my pencil case and highly recommend having just a little sticky note square when you're on-the-go.

7) Beauty Bits 'n' Bobs:
Finally, I carry just these two little beauty products with me as a little freshener throughout the day. The first product is my Daiso spritzer which contains my Dot perfume by Marc Jacobs which I love :) I also carry my Korres lip butter in Quince flavour. Both of these aren't total necessities, but I enjoy carrying them around just to moisturise my lips and smell nice throughout the day. It's just the little things in life... :)