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My Own: Better Morning Routine

Christine Comelli

With Winter around the corner and mornings becoming colder, I know that I always want any extra minute of sleep-in time and stay-in-my-warm-bed time, so I thought I'd pop up a list of some morning tips for a quick and efficient morning routine. I try and stick to these as often as possible, but sometimes I do go against some of them (eg. packing my lunch) because I prefer having warm meals that I can buy out.. aghh I need to get out of that bad routine :P I hope you enjoy this post! :)

1) Write down your priorities:
When I wake up, I like to write down my priorities. I try not to over-do it and stick to just around 2-3 main priorities in my day and make them super specific (eg. purchase Sarah's birthday present, write up blog post, take photos for uni folio). I find that this sets my aims for the day and makes me more productive. Once it's on paper, it's official and I find such joy in crossing things off of lists too! :)

2) Pack your lunch the night before:
I have a few do "blah" the night befores - and packing your lunch is way up there! Thinking of an idea for lunch or snacks really takes me a while to think of and I find when I brainstorm and pack it the night before, it takes away having to put the time towards it in the morning and definitely speeds up my morning routine.

3) Have some back-up on-the-go breakfast options:
I am a serious offender of skipping my breakfast, so one thing that I do to avoid this is have back-up on-the-go breakfast options. I often take an Up & Go and muesli bar with me because they're quick an easy but some other options are: fruits, homemade juices or smoothies or even a lovely tea in a KeepCup! :)

4) Have a lovely tea to start your day:
It's just the little things in life :) but I find on a cold morning, I love to either sit down and enjoy a tea, or I'll prepare my KeepCup and take one on-the-go with me. Tea just warms up my soul and I love it :) and it definitely picks me up on cold mornings.

5) Moisturise straight after you brush your teeth:
I gave this little tip away in my 'feel-good routine' post a few weeks ago, but I can't recommend it enough. Popping your moisturised next to your toothbrush allows moisturising to become part of your morning and night-time routine which is super efficient and handy and so good for your skin! 

6) Plan a thought-out route in your house:
This sounds so silly, but I plan out my morning routines so I don't have to re-trace my steps back to rooms I've already been in when I'm getting ready in the morning :P eg. I wake up, pop my clothes on straight away and take my packed-up bag with me, I then go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and do my make-up, I then walk into the kitchen and normally take an on-the-go breakfast with me and then I will leave the house. I try not to re-trace my steps so I can get ready as quickly as I can. It sounds so rushed and unnecessary but it's something that makes me feel more organised and speedy :)

7) Have quick beauty options:
Sometimes when I wake up and am in a rush, I have a few quick and easy beauty go-tos. Some of my tips for these things are: use a toner or moisturising mist instead of a cream/facial wash. Some great products for this are the Lush 'Eau Roma Water' which is a spray toner or the Soap and Glory 'Girligo' spray moisturiser. Another tip I can offer is to invest in a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream. Using one of these eliminates the need to moisturise/prime/pop on moisturiser and saves sooo much time!

8) Prepare your outfit the night before:
Another thing to prepare the night before :) but I always take forever to choose an outfit for the day, so one thing I often do before I go to sleep is check the weather on my phone app and then decide and set aside an outfit for the following day :) this allows me to literally jump out of bed and pop my clothes straight on in the morning - super easy!