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Haul: Colourpop #2

Christine Comelli

Last month, ColourPop had a 20% off sale. They are an American brand which isn't sold anywhere in Australia at the moment, so shipping is quite pricey - but the actual products are soooo cheap! ($5 for a lipstick or eyeshadow and $6 for a blush!) So with 20% off, this was even more amazing! As soon as we found out about the sale, my sister Nicole and friend Jacquie all decided to put in an order together so we could stock up on some more beautiful ColourPop shades of lippie stix, eyeshadows and blushes! Below are some snaps and swatches of the products that I've added to my collection (other products shown above in the cover photo). Enjoy! :)

1) Super Shock Shadow: Game Face (Finish: Ultra-Metallic)
The ultra-metallic finish eyeshadows are my absolute favourite as they're so pigmented and flashy! :) I already own Liberty and Telepathy (and Telepathy is my favourite shade that I own by far!) so the final ultra-metallic shade to collect was Game Face and I absolutely love it and find it more wearable than Liberty (which is the silver shade in the image above). Love, love, love this and would definitely recommend it if you're after a lovely bronze colour.

2) Super Shock Shadow: Hammered (Finish: Metallic)
From the image on the website (listed here), I thought that Hammered was going to be a softer khaki colour, whereas it was a dark-grey shadow with some green-gold flex in it. I actually still really liked the colour, but was surprised when it arrived in my mailbox :P Even though this colour didn't match the image on the site, it still is a lovely smokey colour which is perfect for wearing when you go out at night.

3) Creme Gel Liner: Fast Lane (Finish: Matte)
I only own a black eyeliner in my make-up collection, so because of the super cheap prices, I thought I'd try out something a little different and purchased this super-dark green coloured eyeliner to test out. I absolutely love it! It's a little bit softer than black and works great with an everyday make-up look and seems to work very well with brown eyes :) I'm sure it would look lovely on other eye colours too! The one thing that's been unusual to get used to was the creme-gel consistency as I'm so used to wearing liquid/brush tip liners.

4) Lippie Stix: Poppin (Finish: Matte X) 
Lippie Stix are my absolute favourite product that ColourPop does, and I had owned one previously which was Cookie (a nude colour with a matte finish). Since then, ColourPop have introduced 'Matte X' formulas which are even more matte than their original matte formulas (which was great, because their original matte formulas were more of a satin finish). The Matte X formula feels quite different to the original, they seem a  bit dryer, but the finish is perfectly matte and lasts forever on the lips! Poppin is such a beautiful colour - it's a little bit bold for everyday-wear but it's a hot, rose-pink colour which is so pretty!

5) Lippie Stix: Chi Chi (Finish: Matte)
I loveeee orange-coloured lipsticks and think they're so lovely for autumn/winter. Chi chi is a little bit light though and I think would be more suitable for the Summer. It's probably my least favourite out of the three I purchased but it's definitely something I would still wear when the weather heats up a little bit :)

6) Lippie Stix: Lumiere (Finish: Matte)
I had seen so many people rave about Lumiere on YouTube and their beauty blogs and all over the place, and because I'm a huge fan of KathleenLights (who co-made this colour with ColourPop), I decided to see what the hype was all about. This was totally worth the hype! Now that it's Autumn/Winter in Australia, it's such a pretty nude-brown colour which works with any eye look or outfit colour. I think this is my absolutely favourite Lippie Stix that I own out of my collection and would recommend this if anybody was going to try out some of ColourPop Cosmetics products!

7) Blush: Thames (Finish: Matte)
I was a little worried to try this out because I'm not a huge fan of cream blushes (or cream products in general). ColourPop's formula for eyeshadows and blushes are a cream/mousse-to-powder consistency and their blushes were similar to their eyeshadows, but a little more dense and closer to the mouse-powder side. With a synthetic stippling brush, this blush goes on like a dream! :) The colour is muted and very build-able and perfect for everyday wear. I actually really enjoy using this and if you're trying to transition into using cream products, I think this is an in-between and great to test out and give cream products another go!