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Company Focus: Korres

Christine Comelli

I started looking into Korres products because I tested out their Lip Butter (in Quince flavour) which I loved and has been working so well for me! A few months after I had been using the lip butter, ASOS had a huge beauty sale with Korres products on offer - so I snatched up a few and here is what I've been thinking of them! :)

1) Bergamot Pear Body Milk:
I love using body butters from the Body Shop and this is a similar thing to those. The consistency is much lighter than that of the Body Shop body butters, but it smells even more amazing! The pear smell is very fresh and fruity and it lasts all day! At the end of the day I can normally smell this more than the perfume I've put on in the morning! :)

2) Bergamot Pear Shower Gel:
The Beramot Pear shower gel smells identical to the body milk and is so refreshing and lovely. It lathers up so well, although I think I prefer the English Rose Body Shop shower gel a little bit better :) This is still beautiful though and leaves you smelling so lovely after a warm shower! :)

3) Instant Brightening Mask (Rose):
I've really been getting into doing face masks twice a week lately, and I had run out of my Mask of Magnaminty by Lush (which I loved!) so thought I'd try this one out. I really do enjoy using this one, but Lush masks are my absolute favourite! This had a very delicate rose scent which wasn't too overpowering and it did make my skin feel softer, however, not as soft as the Mask of Magnaminty. This is very nice and gentle on the face if you like rose-scented things, so I would recommend it if you have delicate skin :)

4) Lip Butter (Quince):
Sorry, I've left this one until last because I've mentioned this a million times in blog posts previously. But this is the reason I purchased a range of Korres products to try and I swear by this lip balm! Mecca Cosmetica have a lip butter similar to this that is double the price, and I much prefer the Korres formula. It smells amazing and leaves your lips feeling all soft and lovely, even after a day at work under air conditioning or outside in a windy environment. I would recommend this to anybody and love this product so much! :)