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Favourites: April 2016

Christine Comelli

Hey everybody! :) I can't believe that April has come and gone. With uni mid-semester assessments quickly creeping up and passing, it feels like the month has just flown by! Here is a little round-up of my favourite bits 'n' bobs from the month of April! 
Ps. I hope you like my new fluffy background! - I picked up a little fluffy rug that I use as a chair cover from Kmart for $19, which I thought would look cute for some of my blog posts - let me know what you think! :)

1) The Horse: Polished Rose Gold/Blush Leather (the Original)
My absolute favourite 'favourite' of the month, without a doubt, is my new watch! My boyfriend got me this as a 'congrats on the new job/very early two-year anniversary' gift :) I love this soooo much and have been wearing it every single day! The Horse had so many beautiful colours and styles that I didn't even know which one to choose (so Shenal and the shop assistant ended up choosing for me :P). I think this colour is so beautiful and versatile though! You can dress it up or down and it looks so adorable against any outfit because the materials in the watch are so neutral and pretty. I absolutely adore this and I think the face (and everything else about the watch) is so simple and beautiful (that's why I popped a close-up image of it for you all :P).

2) Topshop: Hand Earrings (Part of a 3pk from Freedom Collection)
I never spend a lot of money on jewellery as I often like to change what I'm wearing on a daily basis. As soon as I saw these cute little hand earrings, I picked them up straight away (not to mention getting them for half-price at a Topshop sale! :)) They're so small and delicate and they suit any outfit from a casual day at uni to a friend's birthday out at night. These little guys are so versatile and I think they're just so adorable! :)

3) Kikki.K: Instagram Prints
I've had 'print photos from Japan/Italy' on my on-going to-do list for agesssss and seeing that both trips have been almost 1-2 years ago, I thought it was finally time to just bite the bullet and print the photos! I was thinking about popping by Kmart and printing normal photos there, however I know that at the moment I don't have a lot of time to scrapbook, so I wanted something that would look quite cute just after being printed - and these were the perfect thing for me! They arrived on a thick cardboard stock and the colour was so true to my Instagram photos! These were so easy to prepare and I was so pleased with the result of them all :)

4) The Body Shop: British Rose Shower Gel
We ran out of our peach shower gel a few weeks back so I popped into the Body Shop to grab a new one - when I was in store, the shop assistant told me that the British Rose scent had just arrived in and after giving it a little sniff in store, I was sold straight away! It definitely does have a rose scent - but it's not too strong and floral, it's slightly sweeter than most rose scents and it also lathers up so beautifully. I have almost finished this all up and will definitely be getting another one of these as it smells amazing!

5) Giorgio Armani: Si (eau de parfum)
Speaking about amazing-smelling-things, I have been wearing Dot by Marc Jacobs for years now, and sadly I have gotten to the point where I can no longer smell it on myself anymore :( so I plucked up the courage to go out into the perfume world again and try to find a scent that I liked almost as much as I loved my Dot perfume. On the hunt, a shop assistant from Myer gave me a little swatch of this when I was browsing in the perfume section and I absolutely loved it! According to the Myer website, Si has notes of 'cassis nectar, modern chypre and light musky wood.' It's slightly sweet, but also a little more 'lady-like' than my Dot perfume. I still love Dot and wear it most days, but Si is so beautiful for a night out (or even for everyday wear, but I like to save mine because it is a little expensive and prefer to use is on special occasions :)).

6) Marimekko: Hard Cover Sketchbook
For our honours year this year, we need to have a collated sketchbook by the end of the year to be presented at our grad show. I got this sketchbook at the start of the year from Marimekko and was holding on to it, waiting for a special reason to use it, so when this opportunity came up, I knew exactly what the purpose of this book would be! :) At the moment I'm using it to document my ideation and sketches throughout my bioplastic project and am loving the thick paper stock that the book provides. I think the colours are so beautiful and it's just so nice knowing that the book is bound in beautiful Marimekko fabric.

7) Korres: Lip Butter (Quince flavour)
I went into Mecca Maxima when I finished my BabyLips lip-balm (see in Empties: April 2016), and was sussing out some of their lip balms to try out. I was considering the Mecca Cosmetica Lip de Luscious and then came across these little Korres lip butters. They both seemed to be a similar formula, however the Mecca branded one was double the price - because I wanted to save some money I thought I'd just test out the Korres one and would see how it'd go. I am so glad I went with this decision because I am absolutely loving this! It's so moisturising and (I know I always talk about my dry lips in every post) but I have really noticed a difference in my lips! Normally after a few days at work, my lips are so dry - and it just doesn't happen anymore! I only have to re-apply this 2-3 times throughout a 7 hour shift and it honestly keeps my lips moisturised for the whole day! It also smells amazing and has a really pretty pink tint to it - I will definitely be sticking to this for a while! :)

8) M.A.C: Amorous Lipstick (satin finish)
I just wanted to make a special mention that this is my first (and only) M.A.C lipstick (...for now) :') I wanted to find a pretty colour that I could get away wearing as an everyday colour for Autumn/Winter. When I popped to the M.A.C counter in David Jones, I swatched five-bajillion colours until I found this one. I thought I wanted to get one of the matte-finish lipsticks initially, but after testing a few, I found that the satin-finish lippies seemed to suit me a little more and didn't feel as tough and drying. I absolutely love this colour and I'm sure you can see it in the image above, but the colour is a really pretty purpley-browney-burgundy colour (I am the worst at describing these things) :( but yes, it's so lovely and I think it would suit a range of skin-tones beautifully! :)

9) Casetify: Self-Designed Phone Case
I decided to get an iPhone 5c because it was cheaper on my phone plan and that is pretty much the only reason why I decided to go with it (I don't mind too much about technical specs.. as long as I can make calls and take pretty photos then I'm pretty happy with the product). Anyways - once I purchased the 5C, I realised that finding a case for these are insanely hard! I really wanted to find a cute case, but because I didn't have an iPhone 6, the choices were incredibly limited. 'Casetify' popped up on my Facebook as an ad and I simply clicked into it in hope of finding a 5C case. I then noticed that there was section where you could design you own case! I jumped on Illustrator, made a pattern, uploaded it on to Casetify and then purchased the case and it was sent to me within two weeks. I'm so excited to have this on my phone as it's so 'me' (and more 'me' than any case could be as I made it myself! :)) The colours do scratch off quite easily, however I don't mind about the quality too much as I'm just so excited to have my own design on my phone case! :)