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Haul: Japan

Christine Comelli

I'm kinda cheating by saying that I did a 'Japan Haul' because I actually didn't go to Japan.. my Mum just got back from there :P but she did bring me back some beautiful gifts so I thought I'd give you all a sneak peak of the cute stuff she got for me! :)
Unfortunately some of the products don't have specific companies or names labelled on them so I will try my best to give you as much info as I can on all of them throughout this post! :)

1) MT: Washi Tapes - Blue/Neon Pink Checks, Pink and Silver Diagonal Stripes
(Description added below)

2) Maste: Washi Tape 8pk
Washi tapes are all over Japan (and are super affordable there!) and even better than that, their department stores (such as Loft and Tokyu Hands) have one or two levels completely dedicated to stationery and crafting! Mum got me these two single MT washi tapes as well as a Maste 8pk of washi tapes which I think are all beautiful! I just got a burnt orange planner for Kikki.K (it looks like this), so I think that this beautiful range of colours will go with that so, so perfectly! :)

3) Japan: Kimono Notebook
Mum brought us all back one of these adorable little kimono notebooks! They have five different coloured pages throughout the pad and the size is so perfect just to carry around in your handbag. This will be great to take on-the-go with me in case I have any quick scribbles or notes that I need to take down! :)

4) Japan: Brush Script Calligraphy Pen
Before Mum left to go to Japan, she started on her fourth scrapbook, documenting all of our families memories (she's been doing this for 15+ years!) and I did some brush-script lettering for the front cover of her scrapbook. She said that when she saw this she thought of me straight away, so she brought it back for me :) I think it's so pretty with the authentic Japanese print on it and I have also never worked with a brush tip made of lots of tiny fibres (I've only even worked with felt-tip brush script pens!) so I'm excited to give this a go!

5) Japan: Small Travel Tube
How pretty and feminine is the print on this!? :) Mum said she found this in Asakusa (a really tradition town in Tokyo surrounded with lots of temples, pretty gardens and market stalls). It's the perfect size to pop some little cotton buds into or can also carry a lipstick in it too!

6) Jurlique: Moisture Replenishing Day Cream
I have only just gotten into skincare a few months ago, and I asked if I could use one of Mum's moisturisers as she has a drawer full of different ones - she gave me a Go-To Skincare moisturiser which I have been using every morning and night and I have almost finished it! On the way back, she surprised me with one of these! I'm very excited to try the Jurlique moisturiser as I'm still figuring out which creams work well for me :) but the packaging is beautiful and the cream feels super soft and hydrating for my skin (from a little tester I did!) :)