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Empties: April 2016

Christine Comelli

Listed are a few products that I've completely used up over the past few months. Because I've gotten through all of these products, I'm hoping that I can offer some personal opinions on all of these and it might influence you guys to try them out or even may influence you to try something else besides these. Some of the items I've tried, I'd like to explore other products similar to see if I can find something more suitable to my routine/skin-type/etc., so if you have any product recommendations or tips, feel free to let me know in the comments section down below! :)

1) Go-To Skincare: Useful Face Cream
I adore Zoe Foster-Blake and when she announced that she was launching a skin-care line, I couldn't wait to try it out! Firstly, I think the packaging is so beautiful.. I don't know if it's because I'm going through a peach-phase at the moment.. But I just love it! :) In terms of the moisturiser itself, I did like it, however the formula of the moisturiser was quite thick. It definitely did it's job and made my skin feel moisturised and refreshed, but I'm still on the hunt for a moisturised with a slightly lighter formula that suits my skin-type slightly better.

2) Neutrogena: Hydroboost Moisturising Foaming Cleanser
I actually really, really liked this product! I also own a Go-To Skincare foaming cleanser which I am currently using (but haven't finished yet) and I do prefer the Neutrogena cleanser better. I often used this in the shower before I would get out and then moisturise. It foams up so much and it's a lovely, light formula which I think did a great job for my skin!

3) Bobbi Brown: Skin Foundation SPF15
I received this when I got my make-up done at Mecca Maxima for my 21st birthday with my application voucher. I simply told the lady that served me that I wanted a moisturiser and she asked if I wanted something for everyday or a heavier formula for long-wear and special-occasion make-up. I told her I wanted to try out an everyday formula, so she gave me this. I did like it - it was light on the skin and is low-medium coverage. I ended up mixing in my NARS sheer-glow foundation on most days so it gave it a little more coverage. This was a nice product to try, however I don't think I would repurchase it, especially when I could purchase a more affordable foundation such as the Maybelline Fit-Me foundation which achieves a similar finish.

4) Garnier: 2-in-1 Gentle Make-Up Remover
This make-up remover is great, especially for waterproof and hard-to-take-off eye make-up, but for some reason this end up leaving my skin really oily and gross :( I am using the Garnier Micellar Water at the moment which is much more suitable for my skin and does the job (almost) just as well! I would not repurchase this as it didn't suit me, but it did take off my waterproof make-up much quicker than my Micellar Water.

5) Maybelline: Baby Lips (Berry)
I think this is the first lip balm I have ever completely finished, so I was super excited to reach the bottom of this! :) I have owned this for I think around a year and a half to two years. I love the scent of this and the moisturised feel it gives when you first apply it on your lips, however, this is not the most long-lasting and hydrating lip balm that I've tried. Two lip balms that have been a little better for me in more recent times have been 'Oralife Mint Lip Balm' and 'Korres Guava Lip Butter' - the Korres one is my absolutely favourite!

6) Kit Cosmetics: Moisturising Nail Polish Remover
I wasn't the biggest fan of this product :( I purchased this because I had a few dollars left on a gift card and just wanted to grab something small to finish it off. I feel like the nail polish remover that I pick up from Kmart does a better job unfortunately :( I know there's probably worse chemicals in the Kmart one, but it's much more efficient and much cheaper than the Kit remover.

7) The Body Shop: Peach Shower Gel
I loveeeeed this shower gel and would definitely repurchase it! The peach scent was so amazing and used with a loofa, it lathers up so much and makes your shower experience 110% better! I really enjoy all of The Body Shop shower gels and at the moment the British Rose scent is in our shower at the moment and I am absolutely loving it!

8) Glasshouse: Rio De Janiero Candle
This is my favourite scent out of the Glasshouse candle range and I got this for my 21st birthday and absolutely loved it! I love everything about candles and the general sentiment that they bring to a room! :) I have a few other candles that I have to get through, but once I've burnt the others out I will definitely consider grabbing another one of these as they smell like a holiday in paradise, eating mangoes and sipping a nice cocktail on a sunny beach... Aaaah :)