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Top 5: Notebooks

Christine Comelli

I work at a stationery store and even though I am surrounded by stationery each and every week, going stationery shopping is 100% still one of my biggest joys in life! Nothing makes you want to get organised like delicious stationery, am I right!? :) Here is a list of just a few of my favourite notebooks that I own with some links of where you can look for them/other stationery products.. and spend all of your time.. and money. You're welcome :P


1) Rifle Paper Co: 'Vintage Blossoms' Notebook
Rifle Paper Co was a company that I found a few years ago when they didn't yet ship to Australia, but slowly, their designs started popping up in stores around Melbourne such as Mag Nation and online store Notemaker. Rifle Paper Co is owned by Anna Rifle-Bond and her husband and Anna hand-paints all of the designs which then get printed on to notebook, cards, wrapping papers and more! Most of the designs are floral and beautifully coloured and this one here is a notebook that I was gifted from my friend Olivia :) this does come in a two-pack and if you want to check out more of Rifle Paper Co's stuff, here's the site!

2) Riaki: Hand-drawn Notebook
I found Riaki (@riaki_ on Instagram) when a girl that I study with posted a picture of her sister's work. I was in aweeeeeee *breathes* eeeeeeeeee. The eye on the front of that cover is hand-drawn! Right!? Using markers and paint-pens (and probably a few other things), Riaki draws amazing human features on the front of notebooks! I won this one through one of her Instagram competitions which I am so grateful for (thanks Riaki!) and she did mention that she may be starting an Etsy store soon, however, at the moment I do not have a link for it, so check her Instagram (linked above) for updates! :) 

3) Marimekko: 'Unikko' Notebook
Marimekko is a brand I fell in love with in 2013 (they have been around for decades though) when studying screen-printing and Scandinavian design. This notebook was given to me in a three-pack from my sisters when they got back from New York (as she knows I love Marimekko). I love their floral designs and colour choices for all of their fabrics and products and in a dream life, my whole home would be filled with their pillows and homewares. You can view their homewares, clothes and stationery here.

4) (Unknown Designer): Aquatic Notebook
I hoard a large amount of notebooks and sketchbooks and I'm so sad because I picked up this notebook when browsing in a department store in Japan called 'Tokyu Hands' (which was amazing, there and another store called 'Loft' had whole levels dedicated to stationery and crafting!) and I threw out the plastic sleeve I bought it in which had the branding on it.. so I don't know the designer of this notebook (sorry!) but I do love it and if anybody has any idea who this may be by, please let me know in the comments! :) The cover is a textured card and the colours are just beautiful! 

5) Kikki.K: 'Write Your Tomorrow' Notebook
Kikki.K can do no wrong in my eyes *hail emoji*. Each and every range that they bring out, I fall in love with and this range ('Write Your Tomorrow') has been one of my absolutely favourites that has come out in a long time. It is a peach and burnt orange range with little leaf and bird details (and some copper foiling too!) and the notebook above is from their three-pack of A5 notebooks. To check out the entire range you can visit the Kikki.K website.