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Top 5: Lipsticks

Christine Comelli

Back at the start of 2015, I only owned a foundation, mascara and liquid eyeliner and that was it. My sisters got back from New York and got me a little make-up package with some lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and a blush and my life has been changed forever. So I just want to note that I have not studied anything make-up related and do not know the technical terms to describe textures and what not :P but what I can do is offer my opinions on how I feel about these products and how I feel about the colours! So here I go!

1) NARS: Audacious Lipstick in 'Brigitte'
I got my make-up done professionally for the first time on the night of my 21st birthday at Mecca Maxima by the lovely Zeeta (who also has a beauty blog, linked here) who used this lipstick. Since I got a store credit for Mecca when I got my make-up done, I purchased the lipstick that Zeeta used on me as well as a foundation which I needed too. But oh my gosh, this lipstick is amazing! It's so creamy and is the perfect shade for everyday make-up or to add a pop of colour when going out at night. The photo on the left looks slightly orange, the photo on the right is true to how it shows up on the lips, a slightly-earthy pink colour. You can grab these at Mecca Maxima.

2) Sephora: Sephora Rouge 'Crush'
I picked this lipstick up in Italy when Sephora didn't yet exist in Melbourne. This shade is called 'Crush' and is a deep plum colour. This is the first lipstick I gravitate towards when I'm going out at night time and am wearing black or any other muted colour. It's so pretty and once I gain my confidence to wear bolder colours as everyday lipsticks, I hope I wear this more during the winter-time because it looks so beautiful on. You can grab these on the Sephora site.

3) NARS x Steven Klein: 'Joyous Red' Lipstick
This mini lipstick was part of a five-pack released by Nars x Steven Klein during Christmas-time in 2015. This was the best investment ever! I always think lipsticks are quite pricey, but having these mini NARS ones are amazing! I have lots of choice with what colours I feel like wearing and they fit in my wallet for when I'm on-the-go. This shade 'Joyous Red' is lovely too! It's an opaque-ish muted orange-red and goes with any outfit! You can get NARS products at Mecca Maxima (linked above).

4) Kit Cosmetics: 'Cherry Picker' Lipstick
The formula of this lipstick is the most buttery and moisturising out of all of these listed, however it does wear off the quickest, but the colour is amazing and it is much cheaper than NARS lipsticks, so that definitely weighs it out! It's a slightly deep red which is so perfect for a night out. When I wear this, it makes me feel so classy :) it just reminds me of something that a woman would wear in the 1950's. Kit Cosmetics products are also sold at Mecca Maxima (link above).

5) Revlon: 'Fuschia Fusion' Pearl Lipstick
This was the very first lipstick I owned, so I have a soft-spot in my heart for this colour. Normally I don't go for such bright colours but this one can be built up and toned down slightly. The pearl finish makes it look almost metallic-like when applied and it's a very pretty pink colour. I grabbed mine from Target.