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Top 5: Necklaces

Christine Comelli

If I have a basic top or dress on, I am always wearing a chunky necklace! My love for chunky necklaces started back in 2010 when two of my high-school friends gifted me an amazing Emily Green necklace (if I could have added one more necklace, my two Emily Green necklaces would have been next in line without a doubt!) In Melbourne there are so many design markets where I find a lot of these gorgeous pieces. A bunch of the above necklaces are available for purchase on stores such as Etsy so I will pop the links below for you all! :)

1) Made by Astrid: 'Fringe Necklace'
I met Astrid when I held my third market stall at the Essendon Market in 2015. Astrid was holding a stall filled with colourful necklaces, rings and head-scarves and when it got a bit quieter I made my way over to look at all of her products (and to pick two necklaces out for myself :P). After chatting to the lovely Astrid for a little while, I found out that she used to do salsa dancing and also studied design and wanted to incorporate the feel of the tassels from her salsa dresses into jewellery pieces! She hand-dyes these and pieces them all together with love! These were so unique to me and I absolutely adore this necklace! Astrid has her own online store which you can access here.

2) Ena & Albert: 'Fancy Necklace'
Ena & Albert were holding a stall at the Finders Keepers Market in 2014 when I first discovered them. I had seen a few polymer jewellery stalls before but something about the make of their necklaces were special. The way they dye their own clays and add small etched details really made them stand out to me and their colour choices got me 100% on board! The first necklace I purchased was the 'Scoop Adjustable' (listed below) and this one I was lucky enough to score during a studio clean-out sale that they were holding in January '16 and when I ordered this, they also sent me a pair of earrings alongside this which were beautiful too! Ena & Albert have their own website here!

3) Harthorne: 'Copper' and 'Denim Blue Stripe' Necklaces
Harthorne was another Finders Keepers stall-holder find! I met Harthorne when they were newcomers to the Finders Keepers. These lovely fabric/cord necklaces were new to me and I loved that you could mix-and-match colours when purchasing these! My Mum is always borrowing these off of me because she loves these guys too! :) Harthorne have an Etsy store which you can see here.

4) Ena & Albert: 'Scoop Adjustable'
Sorry I know I already listed an Ena & Albert necklace, but they have such beautiful and unique pieces! This is another polymer clay piece with an adjustable strap. There were so many lovely colours to choose from in this style (my sister owns another colour in this exact necklace design) and we wear them so much! This one that I picked up is so gorgeous to wear in Summer and even pairs well with the duller colours in Winter with the small hint of grey in the colour scheme. (Link to Ena & Albert store at #2)

5) Sportsgirl: 'Geometric' Necklace
I always get so many compliments when I wear this necklace! I did pick this up a few years ago so I'm sure they would have stopped producing this necklace, howeverx Sportsgirl have been producing such stunning jewellery pieces lately! The softer colours in this necklace are perfect for spring and the geometry featured dresses up your look just slightly :) You can see what else Sportsgirl has to offer here.