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Haul: Lush

Christine Comelli

I had only ever tested out Lush bath bombs, bubblegum lip scrub and their 'Fun' shower putty before going out and purchasing these guys! I really enjoy their bath products, so I thought I'd test out a few other things and wanted to let you know what I thought about the products! I've been using these all for a few weeks now so here's what I thought... :)

1) Lush: Mask of Magnaminty
Nicole (my twin sister) and I have been using this face mask every Friday for just over a month now and we are absolutely loving it! What you do is: pop this on your face, sit down for 10 minutes with it on and then rinse it off with warm water and a face washer. It has such a refreshing feeling whilst it's setting on your face and literally feels minty! (You'll see what I mean if you try this out). I've found that my skin has been much clearer since using this and it's such a lovely routine to look forward to each week.

2) Lush: Lip Scrub (Popcorn)
I have tried out the bubblegum lip scrub before and absolutely loved it, so I thought, maybe I should test out the popcorn one since I've ran out of the other one! I really love Lush's lip scrub products and before owning my first one of these, it had never crossed my mind to exfoliate my lips! It does make such a huge difference though! I find that my lips get quite dry over the weekend when I'm working a few shifts in the row (either from talking lots, not being able to drink lots of water or the air-conditioning in store), so this has been an absolute life-saver for my lips! Some people find it kinda gross as you're scrubbing sugar on your lips and then licking it off (as well as the skin that's come off too), but I'm not too fussed about it :P I do prefer the bubblegum flavour, but the popcorn is great too! :)

3) Lush: Eau Roma Water (Toner Water)
Since I've only recently been getting into good skin routines, having lots of steps in it was quite exhausting at the start and I feel like this was perfect to add into my routine to tone my skin! It comes in a spray bottle and smells like rose-water (which is one of my favourite scents). It's super easy and I feel like such a superstar standing at the mirror spritzing this on my face :P I love the feeling of it and the application is so easy - I would definitely recommend this!

4) Lush: Dream Steam: Steam Tab
This is going to be weird to explain, but essentially this is like a mini bath-bomb that you pop into a bowl of boiling water, then you put your face above the bowl of boiling water with the tab in it, and place a towel over your head. I hope that makes sense. What this is supposed to do it direct the steam to your face and open up your pores. I enjoyed the process of doing this, but the novelty wore off quickly :P I feel like it smelt quite nice, but I feel like you can achieve a similar thing just by standing in the shower. I don't think I would repurchase this, but it was fun to test it all out :)

5) Lush: Think Pink: Bath Bomb
I mainly just picked this bath bomb because it smelt nice and it looked really cute with the little flowers on top *blushing emoji* :) I always enjoy using a Lush bath bomb. For those who have never used a bath bomb - you should try one! It's just a ball of fizz that you plop into your hot bath and it releases an amazing scent and all natural oils and products that make your skin feel nice :)

6) Lush: Lipstick (Colour: Strong)
Sorry, I know I have mentioned this lipstick before, but I grabbed this with all of the previous Lush products, so I thought I'd still mention it in this post. I really love the colour of this lipstick and at the start, I was a bit hesitant to try a Lush lipstick as they don't have a huge range of cosmetics, however I was pleasantly surprised! The colour payoff is amazing, but if there is one thing I would recommend, it would be to wear a lip-liner with this as it does bleed a little bit if you're wearing it for over 3-4 hours. But I really do enjoy this product and would recommend it :)