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Favourites: March 2016

Christine Comelli

Since it is the last day of March, I thought it'd be nice to do a round-up of my monthly favourites in a range of categories, from homewares and teas to beauty proudcts! Listed below are some of my favourite things from the month of March 2016 - hope you enjoy! :)

1) T2: Terrific Toffee Loose-Leaf Tea
Since the end of this month has been getting a little chillier in Melbourne, I've been makings pots and pots of this tea for my sister and I. We both absolutely love this flavour! It's a black tea with vanilla and nougat pieces in it - a sweet and heart-warming beverage with a little bit of milk and sugar and so perfect and comforting for the cold nights ahead! You can grab this at any T2 store or on their website here.

2) Robert Gordon: Hug Me Mug (Mint)
I adore everything that Robert Gordon makes and I was lucky enough to see him in-the-flesh last month at his warehouse in Pakenham (video/images here). I received this mug from my good friend Naomi when she left our workplace and this has been my dream mug for so long! I still live at home with my parents but this sits on the top of my desk because I think the shape and colour of this mug is just adorable! :) They sell these mugs either as singles or as 4-packs. I think they're the perfect mugs to wrap your fingers around and enjoy a hot tea or coffee in during the autumn and winter months coming up!

3) Lush: Lipistick (Colour: Strong)
I was having a browse in Lush the other day and I've always been intrigued by their lipsticks so I decided to grab one to try! I love that Lush products are all handmade, made from ethically-sourced ingredients and aren't animal tested  so that tempted me to purchase this too.. :) I was honestly so surprised with this lipstick! I wasn't too sure how it was going to be considering they haven't been doing cosmetics for too long and also since they don't have a large range of cosmetics either, but this lipstick is great! It is a light red colour with an orange undertone and I thought it would be so lovely for Autumn! It feels so weightless when you wear it and it lasted me a good 4.5 hours (and came off slightly when I had lunch). The little bottle it comes in is gorgeous (super transportable) and it has a little doe-foot applicator to put the formula on to your lips. Would recommend this for sure! :)

4) Mozi: Desert Sand Make-up Case
I have just recently gotten into make-up and skincare and this make-up bag contains all of my goods that I own at the moment and is so perfect to take with me when I'm travelling around too. It has two zips within the main zip that you can see above and two side-pockets as well! I love anything with lots of compartments and I think this make-up/toiletries bag would be perfect even used as a pencil case as a design student or would even look super cute as a clutch to jazz up an outfit in the summertime (I have done this before, here) :)

5) CLEAN: Clean Skin Eau de Parfum
When popping into Sephora for a quick browse with friends, I went to the perfume roller-ball kiosk and I unexpectedly came across this! I had never heard of the brand before and I fell in love with this scent straight away! I have been wearing Marc Jacobs 'Dot' for about three years now which is quite a fresh, fruity scent and I normally gravitate towards perfumes that smell similar to this or also have a fresher scent rather than a super floral or heavier kind of smell. 'Clean Skin' smells so amazing and the description online describes it as having 'Notes of: Honeydew, Lotus Blossom and Fresh Air Accord, Dewy Petals, Aquatic Notes, Blue Rose, Musks, Amber Wood, Vanilla.' (taken from the Sephora website). So, so good!

6 Jurlique: Love Balm
This used to be my Mum's, but she stopped using it and since throughout the summer months my lips have become quite dry, I asked her if I could try it out and she said I could! :) I have really been loving this balm. The description says you can use it on your lips, skin or other troubled areas however, I have only tried this on my lips so far. It is very hydrating and very more-ish. It isn't scented at all and isn't too sticky or glossy - it's great for everyday use! It has helped to hydrate my lips and I carry this around with me all of the time now.

7) Kikki.K: Inspiration Candles (50pk)
I've been lighting so many candles lately since it's been getting a bit cooler and also since it's a nice companion when I'm stuck inside for most of my days doing uni work and this little pack of matches is just adorable. I know it's probably a little bit boring to mention in a favourites video, but I purchased these this month and I've really been enjoying them :) I normally just use a pack of mum's old matches that she collected over the years of travelling for work, but they are all made of paper and aren't sturdy or long enough to light the candles and blah blah blah and these Kikki.K ones are just gorgeous to have sitting on my desk-top with a lovely quote reading 'Live in the Moment'. (And they're the perfect length and sturdiness for candle-lighting).