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DIY: Foam Wall Hangings

Christine Comelli

Stuck at home on Good Friday? I thought I'd upload this easy wall-hanging tutorial in case you want to get crafty on your day off! :) 
These guys are super easy to make and can essentially be done on any surface that you desire - I chose foam because it's light-weight and relatively cheap. (Note: if you're using foam, stay away from spray paints as the foam will melt away unless you coat it with a layer of PVA glue) I chose some of my favourite colours to achieve my pattern, but you can work with whatever you like and can use any tools from around the house such as cotton buds, skewers or anything else to create some interesting patterns!

Duration: 45 minutes

What Do I Need?
- Paintbrushes (size will vary depending on what patterns you want to achieve)
- Cup of Water (to clean your brushes)
- Paper Towels (also to clean your brushes)
- Acrylic Paints (colours of your choice)
- 300x20mm Foam Circle (you can find these at craft stores)
- Double-sided Tape (for hanging)

You can always swap out the foam circles for proper circular canvases if you wanted something that looked a little more luxurious and sturdy - these can be hung up on a hook with string, however, since the foam is so light, they can be hung up with something like painters tape (looped) or double-sided tape!