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What's In My: Uni Bag

Christine Comelli

Hi guys! :)
I've decided to start blogging once a week throughout my final year of university. I am in my fourth year of Industrial Design and have decided to do this as a little break-away whilst I'm at home studying/doing uni work. My aim is to post once a week (every Monday) on a range of topics from design and DIY to beauty and lifestyle posts. I hope you enjoy these and if you have any article requests at all, just let me know in the comments or via Facebook/Instagram/email and I'll try and make it happen! :)

I always get so excited to start up a new year and get organised with all of my new stationery and products! I've decided to give you a little snapshot of what I pack in my uni bag and why I love each of the items so much. I hope you enjoy this and if there's anything you find super handy to pack that I haven't mentioned, feel free to share in the comments section below! :)

1) Kathmandu: Day Pack w/ Clips
This is the backpack I take to uni and I absolute love it! I love it when bags have heaps of compartments and zips and pouches and this has so, so many! It has a built-in laptop pocket with padding which fits up to a 15' Macbook. I also love the clips on it because I sometimes ride my bike to the station to get to uni, so I can clip my helmet on to those whilst I'm travelling in and out of uni.

2) Apple: Macbook Pro (+ Speck: Calypso Blue Case)
I finally invested in a new computer after holding onto my old laptop for six years! Going into final year, I decided it was probably time to invest in a new computer as having Solidworks, Adobe programs and the rest of it on my old computer slowed it down to a point where I couldn't multi-task on it at all. This was the best decision and also starting fresh with a new laptop has led to me being much more efficient and organised in terms of file-sorting. The cover I have on it is a Speck Calypso Blue case for 13' Macbook.

3) Kikki.K: 2016 Family Diary
I normally am 100% committed to my Kikki.K Large Personal Leather Planners, but this year I decided to try the Family Diary because I loved the idea of the layout. As you can see above, it's got all of the days listed vertically, and then it gives you six columns so you can categorise your weeks. I am loving this layout so far - even though it's called the 'Family Diary', I think the layout works perfectly for uni or school students too! You can split the columns into each of your subjects and then add 'social', 'work', 'appointments' or 'other' to organise all other aspects of your life. I think it's perfect! :)

4) Muji: Recycled Paper Notebook (Blank Pages)
I love anything Muji and their Recycled Paper Notebooks are so gorgeous and affordable! These guys retail for under $4 AUD! The paper is so smooth, the perfect thickness and just perfect for taking notes, sketching and doodling! I also am a sucker for any A5 notebook in the world and I think this size is perfect to take on-the-go.

5) Kikki.K: Multi-Purpose Case (Write Your Tomorrow)
The Multi-Purpose Cases from Kikki.K are my all time favourite products alongside the Planners. I often change my pencil cases every 1-2 years and I love that with this case, once I've decided not to hold on to it anymore, I can easily convert it into a make-up bag or a travel toiletries bag. The colours are so stunning and I find it's the perfect size to pack all of my pens and design equipment into.

6) Kikki.K: BTS 2016 Lunchbox
I always find that I wake up too late in the morning, so I rush out of the house and never pack my lunch. This year, I decided to grab myself a cute lunchbox so I could pre-pack it the night before and be ready to take it to uni in the morning. This has helped so much! This lunchbox isn't too bulky either so it doesn't take up too much space in my backpack and I can fit a little Up-And-Go, fruit, muesli bar and packet of carrots/nuts/snacky food into it. I think the colours of this are adorable too :)

7) Lululemon: H20m Waterbottle (Mint)
I have a theory that I only do things if I reward myself or have something pretty to motivate myself, and that is why I purchased my Lululemon H20m Waterbottle. I noticed that I really wasn't drinking enough water in my day. At work, I'd be talking for 6-8 hours straight and after a day of working, I'd be so thirsty and get such dry lips and this is when I decided I needed a pretty drink bottle in my life. This has changed my life! The colours are beautiful and the bottles are made of strong Japanese glass, encased in a lovely silicone cover. They come in loads of gorgeous colours - you can see the rest of them here!

8) Daiso: Spritzer (with Dot by Marc Jacobs inside :))
My Sister came back from New York with a mini roll-on Dot (by Marc Jacobs) perfume. Dot is my go-to perfume and I'd never thought of getting a transportable version of it! Once she came back, I tried to think of a cost-effective and compact way that I could bring my perfume on-the-go with me. I was browsing in Daiso one day and came across these little spritzers! Everything is $2.80, so I got the sprtizer, brought it home and filled it up with my favourite perfume! :) The good thing is that these are refillable and if you want to change perfumes up, you can simply rinse out the small glass capsule and refill it with something else! :)

9) Sportsgirl: Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
I picked up this pair of sunnies at Sportsgirl about 2-3 years ago. I loved the cat-eye shape of them as they seemed very 1950's-style and classic :) They did come in either tortoiseshell or black but I decided to grab the tortoiseshell pair because it looked a little more casual and everyday. They were quite cheap when I picked them up, I believe they were around $25 AUD, which I thought was super affordable for such beautiful-looking glasses. I think Sportsgirl still make similar-looking glasses, you can have a look on their website here.

10) Status Anxiety: Dakota Wallet (Colour: Lime Green)
A few friends got me this for my 21st birthday and I love it! It's such a perfect everyday-wallet and has so much space for cards, coins and other bits and bobs. As I mention earlier, I love lots of compartments and this has the large zip-section for coins, multiple card holders and then four pockets within it for cash/receipts/whatever else you need to store!

11) KeepCup: Glass/Cork Cup (Style: Filter)
My boyfriend bought me this as part of a birthday present last year and I just love everything about the design of the KeepCup. It was started up by a brother and sister who owned a cafè in Melbourne and realised there was such an excess of coated cups getting distributed and disposed in the coffee-scene. This is when they paired with some Industrial Designers at RMIT to develop the KeepCup. I always carry my KeepCup with me as you often get a discount at cafès when you bring it to them to fill up with your order. Also, I just love the look of it and my design with the glass and cork looks so neutral and pretty! They come in heaps of colours and materials and you can find them here or at MagNation and a few other design stores around Melbourne.